My landscapes come from memories of the natural world and from my imagination.  I am constantly inspired by the breath-taking and powerful beauty that is nature: particularly those magical moments when the heavens, ablaze with color, seem to become one with the earth; or when in the moonlight, the salty spray of the crashing wave hits my face and roars,”observe!”…

    The numerous processes involved in printmaking allow me the freedom to experiment with many mediums and techniques.  While I favor very large-scale (4 x 6 or 7 feet) monotypes because of their inherent freshness, smaller prints produced through lithography and intaglio methods intrigue me because of their intimacy and edition possibilities.  The contrasts in size and methods are not unlike the scenes that inspire me: large and luminous, small and subtle.

    My images are an attempt to describe the temperament of the moment, the atmosphere and light.  I tend to minimize the less important details, focusing on the overall impact.  My intent is to provide a narrative reordering of those sensations of wonder experienced while witnessing nature’s majesty. 

  • Quickly: I have a BFA and have been producing Contemporary Landscape Art for more than 10 years, primarily through monotype and lithographic methods. Much of the art shown on the site is very large scale: 4' x 6' in size. While most of the portfolio has been sold, I am available for commission work at anytime.